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Feni at a glance::

Feni (Bengali: ফেনী জেলা , Feni Jela also Feni Zila) is a small southeastern district of Bangladesh bordering (clockwise from the north) Tripura in [India], Chittagong district, the Bay of Bengal, Noakhali district and Comilla district. It comprises six sub-districts ("Upazilas"): Feni Sadar, Chhagalnaiya, Porshuram, Fulgazi (variant of Phool Ghazi), Daganbhuiyan and Sonagazi.

At British Indian period it was a sub district of Chittagong. Before becoming a full-fledged district in 1984, it was part of the Noakhali district. Feni has a moderate climate with a little high humidity and a rich history dating back almost 3000 years. Except agriculture, maximum people of Feni resides in Dhaka City, Chittagong City, Sylhet City engaged in all sorts of jobs and business ranging from menial labor to high profiled office jobs. It has a large contingent of its population residing in the Middle East and other parts of the world.A huge amount of foreign remittance receiving by the govt are sent by the people of this region.

The main highway of Bangladesh, Dhaka-Chittagong inter-district highway passes through Feni. Buses usually take 3–4 hours to travel on 165 km highway from Dhaka and about 2.5 hours from Chittagong. There is a railway junction situated here called Feni junction. Panoramic landscape comprising the Tripura valley, Feni River estuarine and green paddy fields add to Feni district's scenic beauty. Feni is also important from strategic viewpoints, its position near the Indian border and the Bay of Bengal. Feni is also the only connecting link between the rest of the country and the districts of Chittagong (where the largest port of the country is situated), Cox's Bazar (the most important tourist destination of the country) and three Hill Districts: Rangamati, Bandaraban and Khagrachari.

Among the famous personalities who hailed from Feni district are famous saint Bogger Olikul Shiromoni Hazrat Mawlana Ishaq Shaheb ( Rh)Allama Abdul Halim (R)-Olamabazar hojor,Allama Abdul Mannan (r)Badadia hojor,Allama Abdul Mannan (Saikhul Hadith Feni Alia MAdrasha),Moulana Ruhul Amin (Founder of many many Madrasha and masjid and social foundation,Now he is the Founder principal of Madrasatu Osman R. ),Mufti Muhammad Amimul Ehsan (Member-Mufti Board Dhaka),Mufti Abdul Hannan (Faqih Al Jameatul Falahia Kamil Madrasha),Mufti Ahmadullah,Mufti saifuddin,Moulana Ahmad Karim (Muhaddith Olama Bazar Madrasha),Moulana Khalilur Rahman( Muhtamim Badadia Madrasha) ''Shah Syed Amir Uddin Pagla Miah/Baba''(RA) who is regarded as founder of Feni and sultanul awlia Feni, Saint Mamu Fakir (RA), Begum Khaleda Zia(former Prime Minister)Sayeed Iskander, a freedom fighter, former MP and younger brother of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, Mahbubul Alam Tara (Former Whip & Member of Parliament, Ex-Chairman of NCC Bank Ltd., noted entrepreneur, educationist & President of Jatiyatabadi Krishak Dal),ABM Taleb Ali, Politician ex- parliament member, Joynal Hazari Politician ex-Parliament member Lt. Gen. Masud Uddin Chowdhury, ndc, psc,[current Bangladesh High Commissioner in Australia]; Sir A. F. Rahman (the first Muslim Vice Chancellor of [Dhaka University], Professor A.K.Azad Chowdhury former vice Chancellor of University of Dhaka and current Chairman of University Grants Commission, Bangladesh,.Professor Anwarullah Chowdhury former vice chancellor of university of DhakaDr. Mustafa Chowdhury (former Public Service Commission Chairman), Prof. Ahmed Shafee (Vice-Chancellor of East West University), Former Politician and Businessman Mowlana Abdul Wadud, Abdul Awal Mintu, Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Mosarraf Hossen, Economist Abu Ahammed, journalists Abdus Salam (editor), Obaidul Haque, Johur Hossain Chaudhury, A. B. M. Musa, Dr.Ferdaus Ahmad Quarishi, Gias Kamal Chowdhury,Mohammad Habibullah Bahar Choudhury ( the first Health Minister of the first Muslim League cabinet in East Pakistan),Shamsunnahar Mahmud( writer, politician and educator in Bengal during the early 20th century), Iqbal Sobhan Chowdury, Iqbal Bahar Chaudrury, National press club president Kamal Uddin Shobuj, Columist Masud Majumder, former FBCCI President and Founder Chairman of North South University M A Kashem, novelists Shahidullah Kaiser and Jahir Raihan, Renowned actor Shomi Kaisar, Abdus Salam (Bengali Language Movement demonstrator), martyred intellectuals during the war of liberation Selina Parvin and Dr. Faizul Mohi and Prof.Dr.Sherajul Haque Khan , playwrights Selim Al-DeenDr. Inamul Huq, Gias Uddin Selim and Prince AR, close up1 winner sajia sultana putul, rights-activist Wasfia Nazreen, Freedom fighter:A.B.M. Bahar, Chairman of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mrs. Firoza Ahmed, Managing Director of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Ahmed Group Dr. Belal Uddin Ahmed, Director of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Ahmed Group Firoz Uddin Ahmed, Director of Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Ahmed Group Forid Uddin Ahmed, Advocate Mosharraf Hossain etc.

One of the three Girls Cadet Colleges in Bangladesh is situated in Feni. The other two are in Mymensingh and Joypurhat districts. The country's only Government-run Computer Institute also is situated in Feni. Three private electricity plants supplying electricity are existing here. There is also a pharmaceutical products producing factory. Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the country's oldest pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh.

দর্শনীয় স্থান:
হয়রত পাগলা মিয়ার তাকিয়া, ফেনী সদর, ফেনী।

জগন্নাথ কালী মন্দির, ছাগলনাইয়া, ফেনী।

শিলুয়া পাথর, ছাগলনাইয়া।
রাজাঝির দীঘি, ট্রাঙ্ক রোড,ফেনী।

ভাষা শহীদ সালাম গ্রন্থাগার ও স্মৃতি জাদুঘর, দাগণভূঞাঁ,ফেনী।

সিলোনীয়া নদী, ফেনী সদর,ফেনী

বিজয় সিং দীঘি, মহিপাল, ফেনী।

প্রাচীনতম মন্দির, ফুলগাজী, ফেনী।

বাউরখুমা আশ্রয়ন প্রকল্প, পরশুরাম, ফেনী।

শমসের গাজী দীঘি, ছাগলনাইয়া।

হিন্দু জমিদার বাড়ীর সাত মন্দির, ছাগলনাইয়া, ফেনী।

শমসের গাজী দীঘির সুড়ঙ্গ পথ, ছাগলনাইয়া,ফেনী।



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